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How to build an API using Flask and deploy it to the cloud using Gunicorn

By Steven on January 25, 2020

How to build an API using Flask and deploy it to the cloud using Gunicorn Introduction: What is HTTP and What Does it Have to do with Flask? HTTP is the protocol for websites. The internet uses it to interact and communicate with computers and servers. Let me give you an example of how you use it everyday. When you type the name of a website in the address bar of your browser and you hit enter.

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demand and capacity mismatch

By Steven on January 8, 2020

We may still remember as we were standing at end of a long line in a department store waiting for a cashier to check out our groceries, or sitting beside an empty table waving to a busy waitress to come over and take our orders. In the department store, we were already ready to pay for our goods which placed in our shopping carts. While because the cashier was not ready to serve us, we had to waste our time in waiting the service from the cashier.

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AIML introduction

By Steven on December 27, 2019

What is AIML AIML stands for Artificial Intelligence Markup Language. AIML was developed between 1995 to 2002 in creating or customizing Alicebot which is a chatbot application based on A.L.I.C.E (Artifical Linguistic Internet Computer Entity). AIML is an XML dialect and very easy to use but not powerful as modern intelligent chatbots these days. AIML is a widely adopted standard for creating chat bots and mobile virtual assistants.

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Deploying Machine Learning Models in Production with Flask

By Steven on December 20, 2019

Introduction After we generate the Machine Learning models and tuning and evaluating them, we would then consider to apply the model into production. The blog here will show the steps to put the models we trained to production environments. python environment setup # install Anaconda yum install libXcomposite libXcursor libXi libXtst libXrandr alsa-lib mesa-libEGL libXdamage mesa-libGL libXScrnSaver download Anaconda from bash ~/Downloads/ ln -s [python under anaconda/bin/] /usr/bin/python ln -s [pip under anaconda/bin] /usr/bin/pip # install flask and gunicorn source ~/.

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