Building your blog using blogdown

This will be a very basic introduction to starting a blog/website with blogdown. Essentially, this is a quick and dirty starting point that will get you going in a short amount of time, if you choose to not tweak things too much! In case of emergency! Follow the advice in blogdown Creating Websites with R Markdown by Xie, Yihui. Thomas, Amber. and Hill, A. Presmanes bookcover and the blog post Blogging in About Ten Minutes by Jon The Geek

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Linked post

I'm a linked post in the menu. You can add other posts by adding the following line to the frontmatter: menu = "main" Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In mauris nulla, vestibulum vel auctor sed, posuere eu lorem. Aliquam consequat augue ut accumsan mollis. Suspendisse malesuada sodales tincidunt. Vivamus sed erat ac augue bibendum porta sed id ipsum. Ut mollis mauris eget ligula sagittis cursus. Aliquam id pharetra tellus.

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Hugo is for lovers

Step 1. Install Hugo Goto hugo releases and download the appropriate version for your os and architecture. Save it somewhere specific as we will be using it in the next step. More complete instructions are available at installing hugo Step 2. Build the Docs Hugo has its own example site which happens to also be the documentation site you are reading right now. Follow the following steps: Clone the hugo repository Go into the repo Run hugo in server mode and build the docs Open your browser to http://localhost:1313 Corresponding pseudo commands:

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